Tuesday, April 12, 2016

XAT 2016 Question Paper with Answers

You are expected to maximize scores in each section.

Avoid using chat lingo..

This is one of the National Level Entrance exams for providing admission for MBA. Revision of important questions from your CAT/IIFT preparation and practising questions from Test Gym should be done between the two XAT papers..

A student can get an A grade in the course if the average of her scores is more than or equal to 90.Grade B is awarded to a student if the average of her scores is between 87 and 89 (both included).

In the DM and QA sections however, about 10-15 extra minutes would have been helpful as in these two sections one would have left questions due to time constraints..

One way to classify this would be on the basis of the length of the passage associated with it. official answer key – www.xatonline.net.in.

Can the organization help Kale deal with his personal problems, so that his work does not get affected

1.(C) 2.(D) 3.(B) 4.(A) 5.(B) 6.(C) 7.(D) 8.(C) 9.(E) 10.(C)
11.(E) 12.(E) 13.(A) 14.(C) 15.(A) 16.(A) 17.(B) 18.(E) 19.(B) 20.(D)
21.(D) 22.(A) 23.(A) 24.(C) 25.(A) 26.(C) 27.(E) 28.(D)
29.(E) 30.(B) 31.(D) 32.(D) 33.(E) 34.(C) 35.(C) 36.(D) 37.(B) 38.(C)
39.(B) 40.(C) 41.(A) 42.(A) 43.(C) 44.(B) 45.(E) 46.(E) 47.(B) 48.(C)
49.(C) 50.(D) 51.(B)
52.(B) 52.(E) 54.(C) 55.(D) 56.(D) 57.(B) 58.(B) 59.(E) 60.(D) 61.(D)
62.(A) 63.(C) 64.(C) 65.(C) 66.(A) 67.(D) 68.(E) 69.(C) 70.(B) 71.(E)
72.(B) 73.(B) 74.(C) 75.(A) 76.(D) 77.(D) 78.(A) 79.(D) 80.(E) 81.(D)
82.(A) 83.(B) 84.(A)
Second Part
1.(D) 2.(E) 3.(D) 4.(D) 5.(C) 6.(E) 7.(E) 8.(D) 9.(A) 10.(E)
11.(D) 12.(B) 13.(A) 14.(D) 15.(A) 16.(A) 17.(D) 18.(A) 19.(B) 20.(A)
21.(A) 22.(D) 23.(C) 24.(E) 25.(E) 26.(C) 27.(A) 28.(C) 29.(C) 30.(B)

This year also these sections are there in question paper..

Till last year, the answer key for Paper 2 (GK section) was not provided..

A good way to prepare for Decision Making would be to look at previous year papers.

There are negative marking of ¼ for each wrong attempted question.

25 35 Mins No Negative Marking Essay 1 Essay. This action might not be possible to undo.

Also, as mentioned earlier, there was a penalty of 0.05 marks for every un-attempted question after the first 13 such questions


XAT Answer Key 2016 by Test Funda:.

The Xavier’s School of Management (XLRI) Jamshedpur is responsible for carrying out the Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT) every year for the selection of deserving candidates to grant entrance into various management courses in the institute

. There will be no Negative Marking in Part B i.e GK and Essay.. The duration of the exam was 3.5 hours.

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