Friday, April 8, 2016

Model question papers of CUSAT CAT exam

Shiv heard a lot of mumbling in the corridor. They complained that they had to undertake responsibility of creating financial and marketing plans in addition to responsibility of production planning. Morals: society’s code for individual survival.

Naresh is ethical to some extent.


Areas and Number of questions

Total No. of Questions

Ideal Time allotment



Quantitative and Analytical Ability

Quant Individual Questions – 36

Sets of Quant Questions (3) – 11

Data suffeciency – 3

Data Interpretation (6 sets) – 25


60 min


General Awareness


60 min


Verbal and Logical Ability

Critical Reasoning – 6

Paragraph Forming – 4

Synonyms – 5

Reverse Synonyms – 7

Reading Comprehension (6 Psgs) – 31

Logical Ability Puzzles (3 sets) – 12


45 min


. Teknik’s management had an internal consultancy group called as Business Advisory Group (known internally as BAG).

1000/- per person for any amendments made on main ticket.

Reply Preeti Nisha says: 13/04/2013 at 6:04 pm. Operational expense is not the primary concern of TOC which concentrates on increasing sales. 

. The most familiar examples are Thomas Becket, who rose from a humble background to become chancellor of England and then archbishop of Canterbury, and John of Salisbury, who was born a “plebeian” but because of his reputation for learning died as bishop of Charters..

Appit Patel is the founder of

THE TALLY STICKS (1100 - 1854).

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Computer Knowledge Online MCQ Mock Test.

While it is required in general for every examination and for every type of problem-solving, the importance cannot be over emphasised for the decision-making type question sets.. Of the options below, which could have been a better response from Mr. Head of a nation in the Nordic region was struggling with the slowing economy on one hand and restless citizens on the other. The merger of ABC and LMN has been confirmed after detailed negotiation with LMN holding the majority share of the resultant entity.

In the financial year 2009-10, the company clocked a gross income of Rs. Teaching was still almost exclusively in Latin, and the first book most often read was the Psalter, but further education was no longer similar to that of a choir school.

Go back to Singapore and start looking for a job..

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