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AIEEE Entrance Exam 2016, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Syllabus, How to apply, Exam Pattern

(Haloalkanes and Haloarenes). ALL INDIA ENGINEERING/ARCH. Chapters such as Laws of Motion, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction, Atoms and Molecules and Solids and Semi-conductor devices contribute nearly 45 per cent of the marks in Physics.""Similarly, the Chemistry paper seems to be focussing more on lessons such as Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding, Solutions, Chemical Equilibrium, Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry; Chemistry of Non-metals; Transition Metals and Lanthanides. Formation of differential  equations.

Sets and their representation; Union, intersection and complement of sets and


To get good marks in the AIEEE the aspirants must go through each and every topic in the Syllabus and also the concepts to increase your confidence. Co-efficient of Viscosity of a given viscous liquid by measuring terminal velocity of a given spherical body..


Electric flux, Gauss’s law and its applications to find field due to infinitely long uniformly charged straight wire, uniformly charged infinite plane sheet and  uniformly charged thin spherical shell. Contact us: [email protected] For admission to Engineering and Architecture or Planning programmes, Government of India vide Resolution dated 18th October 2001 has laid down a Three-Exam Scheme (JEE and AIEEE at the National Level and the State Level Engineering Entrance Examinations (SLEEE) for State Level Institutions with an option to join AIEEE).,Total seats are around 5.5 lakhs(approx).

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ANSWER KEY- TWT PHY (NTPJC 5)DT 03-10-15.pdf. Further details please visit the following link JEE Main 2014.


So I am providing you PDF file that have complete syllabus which will help you in this exam.

Paper 1 29.04.2007 09.00 – 12.30 hrs
Paper 2 29.04.2007 14.00 – 17.00 hrs
. This made it a paper of 90 questions to be attempted in three hours. ANSWER KEY TWT CHEM BATHC NTPJC 3 TO 5 DT.28-01-2016.pdf. Molecular Orbital Theory - Its important features, LCAOs, types of molecular orbitals (bonding, antibonding), sigma and pi-bonds, molecular orbital electronic configurations of homonuclear diatomic molecules, concept of bond order, bond length and bond energy. AIEEE Exam Strategies.

JEE Main 2015 Syllabus can be downloaded subject wise in easily downloadable PDF formats:.

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